Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nouvelles Obsessions

Karla Spetic: beautiful knots.

Emma Cook: just plain beautiful.

I found both of them at Maximillia, an Australian online boutique run by a girl with phenomenal taste.


  1. P.S.
    (Some) Emma Cook is available at Creatures of Comfort's online shop as of yesterday. http://shop.creaturesofcomfort.us/

  2. My daughter and I when to Doll House to buy a Sherri Lee dress that my daughter was obsessed with. I received no service from the sales staff until I asked. They gave my daughter a few styles to try on when asked what size my daughter would be, she pointed at the dress my daughter had on and said “that size”. I noticed that the dresses had no size tags on them and when I asked the sales staff about that, they got frustrated with me and gave no explanation. So I left the store with a much deflated daughter, went home and ordered the dress online and saved $200.