Friday, February 6, 2009


I had been wanting some low, plain black pumps for quite some time (which are harder to find than you would imagine) and was in love with the 3" inch red Marc by Marc Jacobs ones I saw on After waiting... and waiting... for a black version to appear, I figured that I was pining after a shoe in vain, and settled for a less plain, but none-the-less beautiful, pair of low vintage Chanel black heels. But of course, the red heels are now available in black on And while I'm not one to complain about vintage Chanel pumps (that were also less expensive than the Marc by Marc shoes), it's just frustrating! This always seems to happen, and these Marc by Marc pumps are just plain to perfection. Get your hands on a pair while you can - they will always be in style and should last you for a very long time - and don't forget to check out the open-toe equivalents also available for purchase on GRRR!!!

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