Friday, August 22, 2008

Over It

Long Halter Dress by T-Bags. Image from

Chiffon Shirt by Diane von Furstenberg. Image from

I hate to be Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls, but sometimes I feel like telling fashion magazines to stop trying to make certain trends happen. Trend #1: casual floor-length dresses. Fashion editors have been shoving this silhouette down my throat for ages. A few people can pull it off, but I really don't understand how anyone finds this style flattering. Fashion editors need to be honest with themselves and their readers; the only people who can actually rock this dress are women who were hippies in the 60s, still live on a co-op or somewhere in India, and like to share amusing and surprisingly insightful new-agey advice with anyone they come into contact with. Trend #2: art prints. As I was reading the September issue of InStyle, I suffered from a mild episode of deja vu. The only explanation for this irritating sensation was the "Clothes We Love" article that listed garments fashioned in art print fabrics as worthy of adoration. I swear I've been seeing this trend listed in fashion magazines as one that should be taking off soon for over a year, and I just can't wrap my little brain around the reasoning behind this redundant prediction. When looking at these so-called "art prints," Benjamin is the only person that comes to mind: art reproduced on fabric is deprived of its aura and can only be classified as kitsch. Just because Rodarte is doing something doesn't mean you should too.

...And I'm done.

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