Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm feeling them... Just gonna throw that out there. (I would make some sort of collage if I weren't feeling so utterly dejected right now, ugh).

AND P.S. How hot are these pictures of Daria from Vogue Nippon (posted on Fashion Squad)? I'm not such a fan of the nipple-age, but DAMN - the clothes, the setting, the girl, the photography. (Speechless).


  1. I went to Doll House and had the worst experience of my life. I ordered a dress 3 months before my formal and it didn’t come in. she told me the dress was customized but was told a week before my formal that they could not do it and was told to chose another dress from the shop which upset me as I had my heart set on the dress I ordered. Thank you Doll House for destroying my only formal it was the worst time.

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