Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Coat

I've been looking for an olive military surplus-type jacket for a while now. I think this kind of coat could really be big sometime soon (if not this fall, next) because you can easily throw it over anything (although I would only recommend it for day), either to contribute to a casual vibe or dress down something more fashion-y (dressing down is not something I generally encourage, but in cities other than New York, London, Paris, etc. - i.e. Providence - it can be necessary). This particular coat - the Linhope - is from Barbour, which is not exactly military surplus (the Barbour website describes Barbour as "an authentic British brand providing a wardrobe of clothes for country pursuits, country living, and for those who simply love the country"), but it's exactly what I've been wanting. Almost grunge because of the colour, but well made and wearable outside of "country pursuits" such hunting (...) because of its simplicity. Yay!!! (Picture from Orvis).


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